“We are the first Italian company to offer a product with the aim of integrating sustainability, technology, services and promoting a healthy and virtuous lifestyle.”

ECB 1963 is a new reality created by decades of entrepreneurial experience in technology, mobility and design.

It was created by the will and determination of entrepreneur Renato Tomasini, a great fan of two wheels and technology as a concrete tool to support daily life.

But ECB 1963 is not only passion and experience, it is still much more.

It is the first Italian company to create mobility solutions with a reverse design approach, that is, starting from the eco-sustainability of each component, from the integrated vision of using products not as simple pedaling, but structured into a set of services that make it a new way of experiencing city mobility.

The philosophy of ECB 1963 is “100% peace of mind” for the users, so to use a bike with no worries in maximum freedom and safety, with a product of high design and unique craftsmanship totally Italian.

Our future projects will always be based on the values we believe in and with a unique and innovative approach.

Our real strength is the Team behind the project,the best that can be found in Italy for skills and creativity.

Guided by a strong focus on all sustainability issues, both in production and in the solutions offered to our customers, we want to create an increasingly Green future.

Proud to be Italian

Renato Tomasini

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