Italian Design

The 1963 ECBs were designed by taking the most famous models of the 1960s Italian motorcycle.
We were inspired by the most famous brands such as Piaggio and Ducati to give birth to a unique vehicle with unquestionable made-in-Italy style.
Babeth and Johnny are just the first City Bikes in our line, the desire to put ourselves out there and create unique vehicles is what sets us apart...and we won't stop!


LIVE Material

We define wood as a living material precisely because even once carved and used in a variety of ways, it continues to live inside the object.
Once on the saddle of the ECB it will be possible to hear small creaks typical of wood, this is because in an initial settling phase the wood adapts to the driver and the ground.
After the very first few rides, this feeling fades away, giving way to a comfortable and carefree ride.

The interwoven fibers of the marine plywood combined with the action of the protective paints give the wood enough strength to absorb shocks with ease, giving the driver a calm and carefree driving sensation.
Processing Okumé requires a long and delicate process, but once completed it will fortify the properties of this precious wood.



The most powerful engine in its class!
The 250W motor with as much as 80 Nm of torque provides far greater performance than other E-Bikes in the category.
The maximum speed attainable is 25 km/h in full compliance with the speed limits imposed for pedelecs at the European level.
The 80nM of torque translates into greater engine thrust at times of greatest fatigue, providing support in pedaling as soon as you mount the saddle!
You can choose to be assisted or use it as a simple muscle bike during an outing or for training!

Simple and Flexible
Choose an agile ride and maintain control from the first pedal stroke.
Speed and torque sensors constantly adjust the motor support. Enjoy a driving experience perfectly tailored to your driving style.


Ride safely and 100% worry-free

The 24" FAT-type oversized wheels with 4" only tire ensure excellent performance on any type of terrain.
The tire's enlarged cross-section allows for absolute grip, while the low pressure (which can range from as low as 0.5 to 1.0 bar) allows it to "float" on soft surfaces such as snow, mud and sand, or particularly rough surfaces such as riverbanks or railroad ties.
In fact, these tires play a key role in cushioning the roughness of the ground and are designed primarily for city use.
All the typical unevenness of the road surface found in cities is minimized and provides more stability than a narrow tire in both dry and wet conditions.

Anti-Puncture Solution
In order to create an e-bike that has safety and reliability for city use as its main features, we wanted to minimize the most classic of “problems” that affects every cyclist, namely the risk of puncture.
This is why we relied on the Armour Tube by Tannus solution, a leading company in the research and development of anti-puncture systems, constantly in step with the times and in full compliance with eco-sustainability laws thanks to their policies of recycling materials and worn tires.

Armour Tube is designed to minimize rolling resistance and punctures, it sits between the inner tube and the tire thus offering the ultimate balance of speed, grip and puncture protection.
The red sheathing, composed of a polymer blend, protects the tire 360° and allows for up to90% puncture reduction.

Armour Tube absorbs a tremendous amount of shock and vibration going to improve the safety and riding experience of the user.


Customize your e-bike

In addition to a full range of accessories designed for everyday use, 1963 gives you the opportunity to customize your ECBs by choosing from:

Okumè Light - Polished Finish Okumè Dark - Polished Finish

Okumè Light - Matt Finish Okumè Dark - Matt Finish

Knobs and Saddle are included in purchase, again you can customize the color by choosing from:

Black Saddles and Knobs

Brown Saddles and Knobs


The first Dutch Bicycle among 1963 model line.

Comfort and Safety with a perfectly upright posture; a bike that allows you to ride in total comfort and relaxation even on the toughest climbs.


The first city bike from the 1963 models.

Its lines are reminiscent of those of a motorcycle, the forward leaning center frame allows a slightly sportier ride while still maintaining maximum comfort and safety.

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