ECB 1963

"Made in Italy craftsmanship.
meets smart mobility."

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What is “1963”

A new concept for mobility on two wheels

1963” is a brand that encapsulates the values we believe in and work for every day by transforming our passions into solutions for our clients.

Motivated by continuous research, we bring together the most innovative aspects in every area, from design to production, with a team of architects and engineers dedicated to every stage of implementation.

With "1963" comes a new concept for two-wheeled mobility that is a synthesis of our 5 founding values:


The Customer at the Center

Each project is designed around the customers' needs, transferring to them the only value for which the product was created, nullifying any kind of inconvenience that may occur in use, and guaranteeing total service coverage for the driver and the vehicle directly to his or her home.

Technology and Services

IOT connectivity, smart features and lots of services

The advanced technological knowledge that distinguishes us both in communications between electronic devices (making them smart - IoT) and materials, allows us to create new and unique solutions in the electric mobility landscape. Gathering information from vehicles enables a unique driving experience and timely scheduling of routine maintenance based on actual usage.


100% Italian Design

We are always looking for innovation in forms and materials. Specialized teams collaborate on the continuous development of prototypes and verify their safety, functionality and harmony by recalling lines from historical models.


A product with a focus on eco-sustainability and environmental friendliness

All products are created with the goal of being Zero Emission in use and Totally Recyclable, ensuring a contribution to Co2 reduction in mobility and complete material recovery at the end of product life.

Made in Italy

Made in Italy: Quality and Passion

A team of designers immersed in the culture of the "Bel Paese" using almost all made in Italy components. We always try to value our country both in our choice of expertise and our suppliers.

how an ECB 1963 is born

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The first Dutch Bicycle among 1963 model line.

Comfort and Safety with a perfectly upright posture; a bike that allows you to ride in total comfort and relaxation even on the toughest climbs.


The first city bike from the 1963 models.

Its lines are reminiscent of those of a motorcycle, the forward leaning center frame allows a slightly sportier ride while still maintaining maximum comfort and safety.


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