With an integrated App, ECB 1963s are much more than a "simple" electric bike, as they offer several services and benefits to be discovered. Starting with a permanent connection to the bike, a kind of red thread that makes your relationship with the E-Bike virtually unbreakable. In fact, smart GPS tracking and constant monitoring allow you to know its location at all times and keep track of its health in all its components, from the engine to the battery.

The App keeps your trip history, helps you track your bike if it is stolen, and measures your sports performance. The SIM module inside the chassis provides maximum connection to the 4G network. By downloading the “1963” Application, you will be able to get some outstanding efficiency and safety benefits, such as Preventive Maintenance, Fall Detection and Anti-theft System. The first service is activated in case of malfunctions reported by the Application. After promptly receiving a notice you will be able to book a meeting with the authorized service center nearest to you or book a home appointment.

The second option, on the other hand, is set up when the App detects that you have been in an accident or run off the road and sends a signal to your smartphone. Finally, there is the anti-theft system that allows you to park the ECB without worry, thanks to the built-in security features. Your bike unlocks and starts the ride with a simple tap in the App. You are the only one who can turn it on, and if someone tries to steal it, you will receive an instant signal on your smartphone with the real-time location.


A project focused on respect for the environment

Electric Connected Bicycle 1963 is a one-of-a-kind, sustainable, high-performance bicycle made using noble materials and designed to be recyclable. The electric motor is ideal for short and medium trips in the city, reducing emissions and eliminating fossil fuel consumption, but this is still not enough! By definition, a sustainable business can be expressed as a company's commitment to a responsible business model, the purpose of which is to ensure sustainable development with a strong focus on the health of the planet and the social and economic well-being of people.

The meaning of corporate sustainability, therefore, goes beyond the environmental impact of a business because it also considers the well-being of society. There are many ways to define the commitment of companies that decide to include social and environmental dimensions in their business, in addition to economic ones. The most effective, however, is precisely “business sustainability.” Sustainability is increasingly becoming an integral and crucial part of many companies’ strategies. A clear and firm stance towards the environmental and social impact of its business implies. Companies that decide to be part of our project will contribute, together with their employees, to lowering emissions and improving employees’ lifestyles.

Such a strong reference to global challenges is important not only for large companies with a strong international presence, but also for smaller ones that operate primarily in the national or local context. Because every business, regardless of size and scope, is embedded within an increasingly globalized system that impacts and is impacted by. And the resources it uses, particularly natural resources, belong to one planet, which we must all strive to safeguard.

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